The One Word Government Would be Run by Banks

When I talk with people about the future, one conversation that comes up rarely is what future governments will look like. Its a common belief that there will be fewer states in the future because of China’s creation of puppet states in Africa and the European Union’s slow evolution from being a union of states to a centralized government controlling territories that were once their own sovereign nations such as France or Germany.

After reading a Zero Hedge article about the problems associated with central banks creating climate change aware policies I’ve changed my opinion on how a one world government could or would arise.

A single world wide authority would not come from the slow consummation of sovereign nations into a single organization that originally was a state in and of it self. The origin of whatever the one world government is would not be from some previous sovereign state, such as the European Union slowly consuming more countries under its umbrella until it controls the whole world. Instead, the highest authority would likely be a central bank or a group of central banks.

Banks are not just money holders that reinvest the held cash of their customers or offer loans. There is a hierarchy of banks above retail banks (the ones that work with individual people) including business and investment banks that cater to businesses, and central banks that only take other banks as clients to offer loans and hold money. These central banks maintain the stability of their currency they control by increasing or decreasing the amount of cash in circulation and setting the interest rate at which they lend money to other banks. They also dictate regulations that other banks underneath them have to follow.

By changing their policies to be climate change aware they are effectively inviting themselves into a position of power over issues that should be only be controlled by the state’s legislature and not financial institutions. They are changing their mandate from existing only to maintain the stability of currency to dictating policies that encroach on issues reserved for the state.

In short, the emergence of a single global state would come from and be controlled by banks, not a sovereign nation. Most, if not eventually all legislation would come from banks instead of a state legislature and the banks would eventually become the state.

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