A lot of people missed me after I left, and that was more impactful than I expected.

I recently started an excellent new job in Kansas and I left Ohio for it. During my last week at my old church my leaving was announced and there were quite a few people who wanted to see me one last time to give me well wishes. Even though I had not made an effort there to be well connected with them, they still cared to give me heartfelt goodbyes, capped off with lunch with my Pastor who recommended me an excellent church near my new hometown. I partied with my friends one last time, even having one old friend come that I had fallen off with since finishing highschool.

After leaving I’ve been hearing stories that members of my old church are asking my mother how I am doing to the point that she confided in me that she wishes they would not as their queries remind her that I am no longer there with my family. In my friend groups I am hearing that they are remembering me by trading fun stories of me in my absence.

I expected more to miss my old life there, possibly even to feel remorse for leaving, but in keeping touch with family and closest friends the disconnected feelings are kept far at bay. Still, it gets me that all of these people care so much. I really feel that love. It reminds me of my inability to read people and understand them, but without the typical negative feelings of disconnection and disassociation from people. These feelings allow me to better explore new healthy social connections instead of being mired down in feelings of not being able to form social relationships with people and become a happier person out here in windy Kansas.

Look at this lad. He is happy, excited for his future. This is an accurate representation of me.

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