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I used to run this blog on the Ghost platform. I chose Ghost because it did not link to any outside resources, which was important to me at the time because I did not want my users to feel like they were being tracked, now I honestly care a lot less and am leaving anti-tracking practices up to the user. I am still anti-tracking myself, I just dont want to go out of my to stop it for someone else if they can block trackers themselves. I ended up scrapping the Ghost blog because of a very annoying issue related to NPM and pm2 that I didnt care to fix because I wanted to move away from Ghost anyway.

With Ghost, the blog was started with npm start from the ghost dir. To keep Ghost running after closing the shell or rebooting it was recommended to use pm2 to start it. starting Ghost from pm2 would start a different instance that would have different content than what would be seen if Ghost was started with npm. After upgrading, pm2 is not able to start ghost anymore and the blog content is missing. The only thing lost from scrapping the blog are the weekly link dumps, an outdated review of the Plex media server, and a notification that the DEF CON warrant canary was out of date. It was fixed a day later after I alerted someone.

Setting up WordPress was ultimately much easier to complete than Ghost. Node and NPM were a mess that I never want to touch again.

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