Pathfinder character bio: Tycho

I liked my last post about playing DnD games. I’ve received a few compliments about the characters I’ve made, so I’m going to write about some of them.

Tycho is a rogue swordmaster tengu. I chose the name Tycho because its close to the name a tengu would have and is the same name of a music artist that I like. He was the first character that I made and actually used so I didnt do the best at assigning his stats. For his first two levels I basically didnt care about him at all and was disregarding his safety in hopes that he would die so that I could make something better. The GM worked with me to rebuild him from a -2 STR mod to +1 STR with the fencing grace feat and weapon focus for the rapier, making me rather formidable. I mentioned that I was rather happy with the changes and didnt want to die anymore and of course died the very next session to a CR 2 trap I tried to disarm with 6 health. not smart. The GM liked my character enough and it suited the campaign to revive me, so he did.

Tycho started out as a servant to a wealthy man, but when his town was burned down by bandits he fled with his friends to the next settlement over. My OOC jokes about respecting the NAP turned into an in character establishment that his new primary focus in life is to physically remove anyone who does not maintain the good of the community, whether they are average thieves and cutthroats or community leaders who use their position of power to exploit those under them. His respect for authority ends as soon as he is hindered from killing or kidnapping undesirables to end the damage these “degenerates” are causing to their communities.  After his resurrection, Tycho dedicated himself more to the service of Gorum because it suited his efforts to excise cancerous greed from every place he visits, definitely not because it was the church who revived him and he owes the arch priest a debt of life. His general demeanor has changed since his revival from that of a high risk hothead (who acted that way because I wanted him to die) to a cooled off, slow to speak calculated surgeon of justice.

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