Thoughts about my dog dying

I used to have two dogs. One died a few years ago. She just sort of gave up died during the night and passed. I saw her the next morning before going to work and while I was sad, I knew that she was gone and was able to move on.

The second one was put down last week. She spent her last night in the house, I said goodbye to her the next morning, then she was taken off to the vet. I saw the car leave the house, but I didn’t actually see her dead. I think because of that whenever I walk near one of the places she typically lays around at I still expect to see her and want to go over to her to show her some affection on the way to where ever it is that I’m going.  I come home and the first thing i think about is needing to let her out.

I think I see now why funerals have viewings. I had never considered the impact that comes from actually seeing someone who has passed.

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